Dear Rob,
I came to see you for 6 months or so a few years back, and I wanted to write to say thank you.
Today I’m getting married. The intellectual entanglement of my brain and my emotions, the niggling sense of unworthiness that we spoke about – they’re not disappeared or cured, but that was never the point. I have come to cope and manage all that, and find happiness with myself, and now, with someone else. 
So thank you. 
I hope you’re doing well!

[Name omitted]

Hi Rob, 

Hopefully you remember me from having therapy in [the NHS]. I’ve mostly been doing well but had a bit of a set-back this last year with one thing or another and I seem to be consistently depressed/anxious.  

My depression was triggered last September due to an experience at work and for some reason, it has chipped at my resilience and I can’t seem to bounce back from it.  It’s spiralled and I am finding myself experiencing some level of depression every day (despite many positives). 

Similar to last time, my behaviour/moods are starting to become apparent to others and simple tasks such as sending an email leave me paralysed with panic (this has taken 30 minutes to write and counting). 

Despite my current feelings, my last round of therapy was literally life-changing and what I learned remains with me today. I don’t think I could ever really articulate the level of gratitude.
If Skype is an option or a discussion about the feasibility of in person, I would very much like to explore this and I look forward to hearing from you… 
Thanks [name omitted]